Sunday, July 5, 2009

100 Baddest Women of All Time Nos. 100 - 1

A few weeks ago I spent time with my mother's side of the family for the 4th of July holiday. While there with a wide array and assortment of aunts, cousins, second cousins, friends of cousins, interesting discussion came up. Several of the men around the grill (Bar-B-Q...gotta love it) started discussing who are the all-time baddest women they have seen. This was an interesting yet perplexing task. So I thought about it. It took me about 24 hours to put together a Top 100 list, a couple weeks to put it up and actually I could go up to about 250 of the baddest women ever. The hardest part is ranking them. What is my criteria? My list is my list. It is what came into my head and with EVERY list in the world, it can DEFINITELY be argued. So how did I rank them? I changed ranks every day. I changed them while making this. I thought about pure beauty, sexiness, heat, talent, career, what they brought to the table, and last but not least how much of an impression did they make upon ME and when was that impression made. A woman I thought the moon and stars revolved around when I was 15, who has aged well and still looks amazing will rank higher than someone I discovered last week. Anyways, enough rambling. On to the list. However, you already know there is never a day that passes that I am not entertained in some form or another. So what is on the agenda for today?

*100 Baddest Women of All Time Numbers 100 - 1

Honorable Mention: Lela Rochon, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, Lauren London, Vivica A. Fox, Vanessa L. Williams, Taraji P. Henson, Maggie Q, Kelly Hu, Maia Campbell, Candace "Black" Cabrera, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Carmen Ejogo, Pam Anderson, Mariah Carey, Tiffany Thiessen, Essence Atkins, Robinne Lee, Carmen Electra, Theresa Randle, Garcielle Beauvais, Kellita Smith, Michael Michelle, Kenya Moore and Judith "So Hood" Scullark.

Gina Hiraizumi - I first caught a sight of Gina a few years ago in a movie directed by Larenz Tate, "The Hot Spot". She played the urban asian girl "Venus", but I was struck by her beauty. She was a gorgeous asian girl but looked like she could be mixed with something else as well. Gina was named one of the Top Ten Asian American Stars to Watch for 2008. Gina is also an R & B singer and has been called the Japanese Janet Jackson.

99. Kristen Kreuk - Being born of Dutch and Chinese ancestry will definitely give you an exotic look. Starring as Lana Lang on "Smallville" made her a star. Kristen is a Vancouver native and has spent time on a "hottest" list like FHM,, Maxim and several other publications since 2002.

98. Trina - I think I have been hooked on Trina ever since she first told me what she was going to do in "Nann". 5'2", 36-28-38. Wow! She is truly the "Baddest Bitch" as she claims on her rap albums. I don't know about you, but I kinda like a woman who is this nasty, not all the time, but at the right times. She fell off as she went through an awkward phase with her weight, but looks great now. She also dropped on my list due to dating Lil Wayne. Yuck!

Olga Kurylenko - This Ukrainian born model first became noticed playing the opposite of Elijah Wood in the movie "Paris, je t'aime". Quite intelligent, she speaks four languages and is a trained musician and ballerina. However, she caught my eye as Nika Boronina in "Hitman" opposite Timothy Olyphant and then caught the world by storm as Camille, the main Bond girl in "Quantum of Solace".

Mia St. John - This "Knockout" is of caucasian and mexican heritage and was the first boxer to be featured on the cover of Playboy in November, 1999. Once married to Kristoff St. John from Young and the Restless fame, Mia has now made her own name being one of the toughest...and sexiest...female athletes in the world.

95. Ananda Lewis - This exotic mix of Black and Native American heritage first struck a chord with me when she replace Lisa Johnson on the now defunct B.E.T. show, "Teen Summit" in 1994. Ananda stayed until 1997 and bolted for MTV. She even had her own talk show, "The Ananda Lewis Show briefly and is still a regular at red carpet events.

94. Angel Conwell - This alluring beauty actually first caught my eye as a video girl when she starred in Nelly's "Batter Up" video. I was mesmerized. I later caught her as Omar Gooding's girlfriend Kim in "Baby Boy", Antoinette the receptionist in "The Wash" and Tamika, the feisty flight attendant in"Soul Plane" She still appears in a bunch of indy films now.

93. Marissa Miller - I didn't know alot about this model at first, but she did catch my eye in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And then I saw her as a Victoria's Secret model. WoW! Damn near blew my mind. I don't know, there is just something about her. Interestingly enough, she is also a set decorator and buyer on Hollywood movies.

92. Jessica Lucas - Jessica was born to a Haitian father and Pakistani mother which combined for one beautiful mix. She first came to my attention in the movie, "The Covenant" and then later as CSI Ronnie Lake on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". But it was in "Cloverfield", that I could not take my eyes off this exotic beauty. She has since starred in a few episodes of "90210" and looks to be in several more projects soon.

91. Nicole Ricca - No stranger to the urban video or magazine market, Nicole struck a chord with me some years ago. She has been featured in videos by Nas (Oochie Wallie) and countless others but most memorably in Jagged Edge's "Where the Party At" and Nelly's "Hot In Herre". She has been labeled as Florida's most promising young artist for her paintings and is achieving more fame in the art world than modeling.

90. Cassie - Cassie first burst on the scene with the hit song, "Me and You" in 2006. However, she had already been well established as a model, modelling in Europe since she was 14. Not quite going Gold her first album, she has fared better with her second album so far with "Official Girl" featuring Lil Wayne as the lead single. Cassie is fine but needs a sandwich (or two).

89. Vanessa Hudgens - Many people may not know who this beauty is, but pre-teens do. This exotic star of the High School Musical series is actually 20 years old. Even though she is young, it is obvious how cute this girl is. She did shoot up about 10 spots in my list however due to a freaky side that popped up on the internet in the form of some nude pictures that surfaced. Ahh, gotta love high school.

88. Lark Voorhies - I almost forgot Lark. But how could I? I know if you're anything like me, you'll never admit you watched "Saved By The Bell", but in private you probably watched for the same reason I did - Lisa Turtle. Outside of Saved by the Bell though, I most remember Lark for her "moving" roles on "Def Jam's How To Be A Player" and "How High".

87. Janet Jackson - Ooooohhhhh, Janet, Ms. Jackson cuz I'm nasty. I have been a fan for SOOOO long. From Penny on "Good Times" to "Diff'rent Strokes" to a wrong turn in "Poetic Justice", Janet I was with you. From your awkward plump phase to the Pleasure Principle to Control, I was with you. From Rhythm Nation to the Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction", I was with you. Then you announced a fake marriage and you are dating a troll in Jermaine Dupri. Wow! At 43 years old, still SMOKING hot, but she tumbled down the list unfortunately.

86. Lakana Zee - There is not a lot I can say about Lakana. I don't even remember how she came to my attention. This super fine Thai model reminds me of an Asian Angelina Jolie. But I am glad she did come to my attention. Look her up on Facebook or MySpace to see what I mean.

85. Monica - Monica has been through alot over the years and still manages to look good. An ill fated engagement to C-Murder (couldn't keep his ass out of jail), a dear friend who committed suicide and having two babies with rapper Rocko. Damn. However, recently seeing Monica on the microphone in her duet with Keyshia Cole was encouraging, because Monica still has it. Now if she could only find a few sandwiches with her lanky self....

84. Marsha Thomason - The first time I saw Marsha was in the klunker by Martin Lawrence, "Black Knight". Marsha is actually British, so that accent wasn't a fake. It actually adds something to an already cute woman. She has done several movies and a few TV shows. Here is to saving this queen.

Ebony "Risky" Jones - Most of this list of the 100 Baddest Women is full of divas, primadonnas and probably some down right bitches. But something has to be said about a true "ride or die" chick. Risky comes off as this and that is a TURN ON. I don't know what Chance was thinking when he let her go on "Real Chance of Love", but she didn't deserve to be with that little buster anyway. Even though "Risky" was already an actress and had been in TWO MOVIES before she went on "Real Chance...", her sexy self still flies high on my radar.

82. Angela Bassett - At a month away from being 51 years old, Angela Bassett may be the oldest person on this list. But how can Mrs. Vance (Her married name that she doesn't use) be denied? I mean she played Biggie's mama! She was Tina Turner in "What's Love Got To Do With It"! She has played Rosa Parks; hell she played late Dr. Betty Shabazz, wife of the late "Malcolm X" - TWICE! You can't deny her performance in "Waiting To Exhale" or in "Stella's Got Her Groove Back". Had brothers all over the country wanting a suga mama!

81. Catherine Zeta Jones - This beauty born to an Irish mother and Welsh father 40 years ago first caught my attention as the alluring Elena de la Vega in "The Mask of Zorro". And even though she did the sequel, "The Legend of Zorro", as well, the part that REALLY made me notice Ms. Zeta Jones was "Entrapment" opposite Mr. James Bond himself, Sean Connery. Depending on how Ms. Zeta Jones does her hair and make-up, she can look like different nationalities, like a mexican in the Zorro movies. Although older, she is still one of the baddest women on the planet.

80. Monica Belluci - Ohhh, this one has me in the "Matrix". Many people may have Ms. Bellucci ranking much higher on the list, but she is only this far down on my list because at almost 45 years old, she is still a newcomer to me. Introduced in the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies and then again in "The Passion of the Christ" and in "Shoot 'Em Up", NO ONE can deny Monica's sexiness. Fine like Wine, fine like wine.

Amanda Diva - First arriving on the scene on the Nickolodean show, "My Brother and Me", Deev soon became the face of Mtv2. Deev is an accomplished visual graphic artist with a line of hand painted bags called Spectrum and has been a featured spoken word poet. She also replaced Natalie Stewart in the group, Floetry and will have her own rap CD out soon.

78. Nicole Ari Parker - I remember her first as the Dave Chappelle's attorney in the movie, "Blue Streak". After a star making turn taking over Vanessa Williams part on the TV version of "Soul Food", the world has noticed
Ms. Parker. This beautiful green-eyed Black and Cherokee mix has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows and married Soul Food co-star Boris Kodjoe in 2005.

77. Jennifer Beals - This woman has made me have some dirty thoughts throughout the years. From bursting on the scene in one of the most erotic scenes in regular film,
Ms. Beals created a legion of fans in "Flashdance". To be 45 years old, She still has it as recently seen in the hit television show "Lie to Me". Don't even get me started on "The L Word". But after Flashdance, I really noticed her in "Four Rooms" and "Devil in a Blue Dress". I know you did too.

76. Nia Long - Today was a Good Day. That was a song by Ice Cube and I remember that is exactly how I felt when I first saw Nia in "Boyz N The Hood". Then she lit the screen
on fire in "Friday". I have not seen her in a part where she wasn't sexy as hell. From "Soul Food", "Love Jones", "The Best Man" to "Big Momma's House", the list goes on and on..At 38, she is still "it".

Laila Ali - What can I say about Laila? Lady "She Bee Stingin'" is dangerous in the ring and equally formidable
on the red carpet. Laila showed us that women can compete in a tough male-dominated sport and not look like they were hatched. Laila is gorgeous and after a fight can accompany you out to a sexy candlelight dinner. Who wouldn't mind going a few rounds with the Champ?

Torrie Wilson - Torrie has the body of a Gree
k goddess. I first noticed Torrie during my strange phase when I watched wrestling. However, Torrie made it worthwhile. Being a WWE diva, Torrie has gone on to appear in a few other shows. Torrie is responsible for selling over 1 million copies of the May 2003 issue of Playboy she was on the cover of. Look for it.

Daniela Cicarelli - Daniella is beautiful. She is one of the hosts on Mtv Brazil. However she cemented her legend when she w
as videotaped fondling her former boyfriend and then having sex with him in the ocean and it was all put on Youtube. I guess it didn't hurt her too much as she is set to marry Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo.

Cris Jorick - Cris Jorick is an up and coming (no pun intended) rising star in the urban modeling arena. I got much love for Cris because she is out of Lexington KY. She has CRAZY dimensions o
f 43D-24-43! Completely ridiculous. Enjoy her pictures because you may not be ready for her website,

Jennifer Lopez - What can be said about J-Lo? She brought "booty" to the forefront like no one since Sir Mix-A-Lot! From being a flygirl to an accomplished actress to a platinum recording artist, Jenny from the block has
done it all. She has made everyone on the planet notice asses like never before. People were used to how sisters were built, but to see these type of dimensions in another ethnicity? Enjoy!

Danica Patrick - Danica has been interested in the sport of racing and competing since she was 10 years old. While often being compared to Anna Kournikova, Danica actually has talent and has finished with a better ranking each year. She won the Indy Japan 300 and was featured in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Mila Kunis - Mila first came to pretty much everyone's attention as the beautiful but vapid Jackie on "That 70's Show", but she proved her own mettle in cult fave, "American Psycho 2". Unlike her fiance, Macauley Culkin, I think the world got to really see how beautiful this Ukrainian born sex kitten with 2 different colored eyes (1 green, 1 blue) was in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". We'll be looking forward to what she does next.

Jennifer Connelly - I remember the dark haired chick with the deep, pretty eyes that turned out the blond chick in "Higher Learning". The world probably figured out who Jennifer Connelly was in movies such as, "Mulholland Falls", "Hulk" or "Blood Diamond". I know. There is just SOMETHING alluring about Ms. Connelly and to be almost 40, I can't stop watching.

Mya - We had an argument down at my barber shop. My barber is GONE off of Mya! However it came up that Mya may be the industry jump-off. She has never been linked to a dude as her man and disappears for awhile, then pops back up on the scene. Anyway, Mya is one sexy piece of work and this R & B chantreuse is just getting started.

Angel Tara - I'm not sure how I came up on this angel, but her name is more than appropriate. This eclectic mix of Black and Cherokee and Chippewa Native American is an accomplished model and has been featured in a number of magazines, videos and promotions. She is definitely on the rise....just like what she does to my blood pressure.

Vanessa Marcil - I first caught Vanessa playing Nic Cage's girlfriend in "The Rock" and then I later caught her in what used to be one of my favorite TV shows, "Las Vegas". I didn't put two and two together, but she definitely made an impression on me playing the sociopath Sam Marquez. Once married to Corey Feldman and Brian Austin Green's baby mama, Vanessa, at almost 41 years old, is still in the running for prime time hottie.

Kate Beckingsale - I call Kate the chameleon. For some reason to me, she always looks different in the parts she plays in movies. Still smoking hot, but different looking all the time. Whether she is a confused nurse in "Pearl Harbor" or last of her blood line in "Van Helsing", I think the biggest impression was made as Selene in the "Underworld" movies trilogy. Wearing skin tight latex didn't hurt either. That's one vampire I could sink my teeth into!

Zoe Saldana - Zoe is an actress that has been around for a while and is really only now starting to make a major name for herself for her outstanding talent. Doesn't hurt that she looks good as hell, either. Whether you remember her from "Drumline" or "Pirates of the Caribbean: CotBP" or the new "Star Trek", this young lady is one that needs to be watched. She'll be in James Cameron's "Avatar" later this year.

Tamia - I remember when Quincy Jones first introduced this songbird. Beautiful voice, beautiful face, what more could you ask for? Let's say, one of the NBA's hottest bachelors and rising stars at the time, Grant Hill. Fast forward several years later, still happily married with kids. For proof of her super fine-ness (it's a word damn it), watch the "Officially Missing You" video. Wow!!

Heidi Klum - You gotta give Heidi her props. Being a Victoria's Secret Model for some time now, would seem like it has gotten old. However, Heidi, nicknamed "The Body", can still strut down the runway with the best of them. Heidi is married to British singer Seal and they have a couple of kids, but personally I am ready to see Heidi on the runway again. Sexy indeed...

Jordana Brewster - Jordana has all the right pedigree. She was born in Panama, but raised in London and then Brazil. Even though she appeared on two different soap operas, she made her film debut in "The Faculty". However, she probably became a household name in the first and fourth installments of the "Fast and Furious" movie franchise. Whatever she's in, this young actress is a hot commodity.

59. Sarah Shahi - Born to an Iranian father and Spanish mother, Sarah has been making some noise in Hollywood for a short while now. I first noticed her getting arrested and then being asked out on a date by Chris Tucker in the beginning of "Rush Hour 3". But you may know this former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader from her role as Detective Dani Reese on the hit drama "Life". The future is bright for this sexy lady.

Layla Kaleigh - This super sexy 25 year old hybrid makes all the geeks of the world pay attention. African, European, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean peoples in her background make up how this beauty made a quick rise from background hosting to motion pictures. Even though she got her start on "World Poker Tour", she became a daily indulgence hosting The Feed and correspondence work on "Attack of the Show" on G4tv as well as her back area hosting duties on "America's Best Dance Crew" on Mtv. I'm looking forward to what Ms. Kayleigh does next.

Eva Longoria-Parker - Eva burst onto the scene and into every households' daily mentioned names with her irreverent but sexy portrayal of Gabrielle Solis on "Desperate Housewives". Even though she's been on three soap operas and a bunch of TV shows, Eva's star has continued to rise in Hollywood. She has starred in several movies and become the new spokesperson for L'Oreal. She is married to the NBA San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker. I am waiting to see what this sexy lady does next.

56. Selita Ebanks - I really didn't know who Selita was until I heard the reports she had broken up with then fiance Nick Cannon. But then I put two and two together and it all made sense. She is "the" black girl who was "the" replacement for Tyra Banks in not only Sports Illustrated but Victoria's Secret. Nice replacement. If I can't see Tyra anymore, then I can focus on Selita from the Cayman Islands. If you haven't seen this year's Victoria Secret's run way show, cruise over to YouTube and check it out.

55. Vida Guerra - Vida took the urban modeling world by storm and I think the world saw the second coming of J-Lo (without the singing...thank God!). This Cuban sexpot brought back bootyliscious from folks who weren't black (like J-Lo). However, I think Vida is slightly overrated (in the magazines) because in many magazines they Photoshop the hell out of Vida and OVER exaggerate her booty quite a bit. However, meeting Vida in real life, she was very personable and definitely bootyliscious.

Tamala Jones - Tamala Jones has been in a slew of movies for the better part of 15 years. Probably best known for starring opposite Chris Rock in his screwball political comedy "Head of State". I first took notice of Tamala as the prudish Nikki in "Booty Call". She is still looking real good these days as I recently saw her in Jamie Foxx's new video for "Just Like Me". Tamala is one of those actresses that always make you take notice every time she is on the screen.

53. Amber Rose - I had seen Amber Rose in several advertisements and videos but really had no idea who the "fine ass bald chick" was. She was in Jeezy's videos for "Put On" and "Vacation" and was primary in Ludacris's video "What Them Girls Like". But she has really made major headlines as of late for being Kanye West's on-again, off-again, on-again girlfriend. The Cape Verdian and Italian bisexual dynamo has made quite a splash on the scene and everyone I know REALLY can't wait to see what this extrovert does next.

Aaliyah - Aaliyah Haughton was that enigma that left us too soon. Destined to be a superstar from her first entrance on the scene in . Aaliyah would have been 30 this year and was taken from us at the tender age of 22. But even by 22, Aaliyah was already a veteran and had done plenty of work. She had 10 Top 25 songs on the Billboard 100 and sold over 24 million albums worldwide. Being linked to R. Kelly in the early years didn't do anything to hurt her career, it just made her controversial. She starred in two movies, "Romeo Must Die" and "Queen of the Damned". Aaliyah was just getting started and she will greatly be missed.

Pam Rodriguez - P-Rod has become quite the internet phenomenon by being hot enough to be one of the Top 10 Myspace girls in the country as well as being one of the Top 100 FHM Magazine Digital Darlings. Being of Puerto Rican and Guatemalan ethnicity has definitely helped add to this exotic hybrid's allure. I think I first caught a glimpse of P-Rod at a Dub Magazine Car Show. Beautiful and sexy. The future is definitely bright for Pam.

50. Amber Easton - Well it is about time the list had it. I think this is the only one on it. What am I talking about? The unnamed sport. Porn. Amber is a star of the profession. I remember Amber before she ventured into the meat market. She was simply an Internet model and she was/is absolutely gorgeous. However, time and pressure changes things. Sometimes things turn into diamonds, sometimes the effect is something different. Amber had a surgeon carve up her already beautiful frame into a 34C-23-34, but she doesn't look quite the same as she did here. Here is my ode to what could have been.

49. Ciara - Who can't remember when Ciara busted onto the scene with "Goodies"? Powered by thumping Jazze Pha and Missy Elliott beats ans super sexy dance moves, Ciara made an impression. Once engaged to Bow Wow, this sexy dance diva is still lighting the small screen on fire like recently seen in "Love, Sex and Magic" with Justin Timberlake. Do your thang Cee Cee!

Leila Arcieri - This green eyed bandit became an instant sensation as an even finer alternative to Traci Bingham on Baywatch when she starred in Howard Stern's "Son of the Beach" television show. She made me drool when I saw her and those green eyes in the Q-Tip video "Vivrant Thing". Other people probably took notice of Leila in some movies like "Wild Things 2" or "King's Ransom". Wherever Leila pops up now, people are sure to notice.

47. Jada Pinkett Smith - Jada has been stealing my heart for many years now. This miniature firecracker has the talent to play a wide number of roles believably, so that you believe every role she plays. Jada has got an extensive film resume but some of my favorites have to be "Menace II Society" and the two "Matrix" sequels. However, if you want to think about super sexy Jada, then my favorite roles for her have to be "The Nutty Professor" and "Jason's Lyric". From doing animated movie voice overs to her own television series, Jada is still doing the damn thing and looking damn good doing it!

Thandie Newton - This British and Zimbabwean cutie has been in a lot of movies over the years and you can always tell it's her by that angellic face and thick british accent. Probably best known for her roles in "Mission Impossible II" and "Crash", a whole new generation got to know Thandie as the pretty Kate Thomas in "Norbit". I will be looking forward to whatever Thandie will be doing next.

Miranda Kerr - Miranda Kerr is the first ever Australian to grace the Victoria's Secret runway and has become an international sensation within the last couple of years. Miranda is hard to deny, even with all of the great looking Victoria's Secret models accompanying her on the runway like #93 Marissa Miller, #61 Heidi Klum, #56 Selita Ebanks or #24 Adrianna Lima. Whether it's those piercing blue eyes or those deep dimples, Miranda Kerr is definitely a tough act to beat.

44. Salli Richardson-Whitfield - Ooohhh, Salli is another one of those ones I have had a thing for, for a long time. Salli is a product of an English/Italian father and African-American/Cherokee Native American mother and that explains her incredible beauty. At almost 42 years old, Salli is still as sexy today as the first time I saw her. It was in the movie "Posse" and the highlight know the part. She has also starred in movies such as "A Low Down Dirty Shame" opposite #47 Jada Pinkett-Smith and has become known worldwide as the voice of Elisa in the "Gargoyles" animated series. You can catch Salli still being sexy on "Eureka" on the SyFy network.

43. Layla El -
My attention was brought to Layla in a strange way. Channel hopping. I was cruising through channels and saw Layla on the screen competing in the 2006 WWE Diva Search. Seeing as how most of the contestants on most of these types of reality shows are all the same type of busty blond from the beach, Layla was a breath of fresh air. Needless to say she won and has been body slamming hearts ever since. Born in London to British and Morroccan parents, Layla is also a former Miami Heat Dancer. I would let Layla pin me for the ...1....2....3....anytime!

42. Gabrielle Union - A friend of mine is head over heels for "Gabby". It's easy to see why. This reformed tomboy from California by way of Nebraska is a bonified B list movie star (She's an A-lister to me, but I don't make the lists). An athlete in high school who played soccer, ran track and was an all star point guard. After taking an internship at a modeling agency, she started getting modeling jobs and acting auditions after her internship was up. Where is this place, that the workers look as good as the clients? Starring in such movies as "Bring It On" and "Bad Boys II" and a host of other movies, as long as Gabby keeps bringin' it, we'll keep watching it!

Emmanuelle Chriqui - I remember Emmanuelle from a kids movie, "Snow Day" as being the first time I saw her. After having seen this fine Morroccan from Montreal in a few other movies like "In the Mix" or "You Don't Mess With The Zohan", I was sold on her beauty. The world is getting a taste of Emmanuelle as Sloan in episodes of "Entourage" and we'll keep watching whatever she does because she is definitely a star on the rise.

Sanaa Lathan - Which one did it for you? Being Blade's mama in the first "Blade" movie? "Life"? "The Best Man"? "The Wood"? "Brown Sugar"? Mine was "Love and Basketball". However, by the time that movie rolled around, I already knew Sanaa was a star and I was hooked. She exuded sex appeal and class and beauty and didn't appear to be full of herself or even trying. That is what I'm talking about. High on my radar, Sanaa is one I'll definitely be keeping a watch on.

Kerry Washington - Kerry Washington can give you a lot of different looks and each one of them is sexy as hell. From the blind girlfriend of the Thing in "Fantastic Four" and it's sequel to wife of blind musician "Ray" to the wife of the terrorized couple in "Lakeview Terrace". However, two movies stick out for me. "She Hate Me" alongside #23 on this list and "I Think I Love My Wife" opposite Chris Rock. Whewww! If you have seen this movie, you know what I mean. She had some of the most faithful brothers out there questioning... Keep your eye on this one. It will be worth it.

Christina Milian - If you are a non-believer, just check the pictures. You know you loved this Cuban-American in the clunker of a remake, "Love Don't Cost A Thing" and in the cult fave "Be Cool". However, I think I like her most in "Man of the House" where she shared a house with other really hot cheerleaders hiding out to testify in a murder trial. Can't you see Christina in a cheerleading outfit? Or is that just my little...nevermind, just look at the pictures.

Jessica Biel - I was REALLY late to this party. Didn't know a lot about Jessica Biel. I kinda took notice in "Summer Catch" and in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" but not really. But once she popped up on the hottie radar, she was there to stay. She appeared in "Blade Trinity", the last movie in the trilogy and was very "titilating" in "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry". Jessica Biel is quite an edition to the hottie list.

Tyra Banks - You know there are people that can appreciate Tyra and people that can't. There are people that can get past that ENORMOUS forehead and some that can't. I can. I can't get past those green eyes and that physique. I mean, have you SEEN Tyra on the runway in those Victoria's Secret shows? What about in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions? WOW! Undeniable. Trying to show she was multi-talented, she branched out and did some acting appearing as Will's boss in college on the "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and in movies like "Higher Learning" and "Coyote Ugly". However, she has really made her mark as producer of "America's Next Top Model" and "The Tyra Banks Show". She is no one-trick pony. And she is only getting better looking with age.

Eva Mendes - Eva Mendes has made a very quick impression in Hollywood going from a background player in D movies like "All About The Benjamins" to A List status in big budget movies like "2 Fast 2 Furious" and "Hitch". However my favorite part for her was in "Training Day" as Denzel's jump off girlfriend in the Jungle. I think she spent the majority of this part naked. OUTSTANDING! Pure Art! Be on the look out for this fiesty Cuban-American dish, because whatever she has cooking, it'll probably be HOT!

Olivia Munn - Olivia Munn is that right mix of exotic to make you take notice. Then she starts to talk. You ever seen a pretty girl who became unpretty once she started to speak. Not this one. This half Caucasian, half Chinese hybrid made a meteoric rise from virtually nowhere. One of the main co-host of "Attack of the Show", she can talk about and actually likes sports, electronics, technology and a whole bunch of other stuff that men like. BONUS! Not to mention that she was recently on the COVER of Playboy Magazine with a spread inside (Don't get too was NON-NUDE...yeah, I know...WTF???) However, with her getting a part in "Iron Man 2", apparently I'm not the only one who has noticed Olivia.

Keyshia Cole - Keyshia Cole was discovered by Tupac before his passing. However, her biggest hit to date was a song she did with him while he was alive but was unfinished, so she finished it. However, the one thing Keyshia didn't need anyone for, was to be sexy as hell. Her look has definitely improved over the past few years, and I may be in the minority but I think Keyshia's cosmetic fix of the gap in her teeth put her over the top. Her rigorous workout regimen to give her the new killer body she has in the "Playa Cardz Right" video doesn't hurt either. You could catch her concert or her show, "Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is" or on her mother and sister's new show on BET.

32. Charlize Theron -
This South African beauty skyrocketed to stardom after humble beginnings on the farm she grew up on outside of Johannesburg. After trying modeling and ballet, she ended up acting. From star turns in a number of Hollywood movies, she worked her way into an Oscar for Lead Actress in "Monster" and starred in the box office hits, "The Italian Job" and "Hancock". She is one of 2 actresses (The other is Kim Basinger) to win an Oscar after appearing naked in Playboy (May 1999). Be sure to catch this sexy import in whatever major Hollywood movie she stars in next.

Rosalyn Sanchez - Rosalyn is what I call a "force of nature". When she is on the screen, you can try to take your eyes off of her, but you can't. She doesn't walk, she stalks. She is like a tiger. When she hit the screen in "Rush Hour 2", it was a moment. Also in films like "Boat Trip" and "The Game Plan", Rosalyn can currently be seen on "Without A Trace". No matter what this sexy Puerto-Rican shows up in, she is stalking the prey of stardom.

Alyssa Milano - Who hasn't been in love with Alyssa since "Who's The Boss?" Not the early years, but those later teenage years. I mean the show was on for 9 seasons and we got a chance to grow up with her. Now if you happened to miss the young years, the world picked up on her super hotness during her 9 season run on "Charmed". As youngest of three sisters, Phoebe Halliwell, on the show, Alyssa brought ALL of the sex appeal to the show. Still being featured in major Hollywood movies and TV shows, Alyssa is still one to watch.

Rosario Dawson - Rosario WILL NOT be denied. She can't be, really. She has pushed the envelope since her very first appearance on screen. As a sexually active teen with a nude love scene at the age of 16 in "Kids" to a violent nude love scene in "Alexander", Rosario has definitely pushed the boundary. Starring in big hit Hollywood movies is second nature to Rosario, being in movies like, "Seven Pounds", "Men In Black II" and "Sin City" while she still finds time to star in small films like "Clerks II" and "Light It Up". You know like I know, when Rosario hits the screen, you're hooked. It's OK. Maybe one day they'll have a meeting for those type of addictions.

Nadia Bjorlin - Nadia is an actress that seemingly came out of nowhere and blew everyone's proverbial socks off. Known to most everyone for her role as Chloe Lane the last 10 years on "Days of our Lives", her real break out role for the non soap crowd was in the automotive actioner "Redline". We will definitely stay on the lookout for this sexy half swedish and half persian newcomer.

Jessica Alba - I have been crazy about Jessica Alba for a loooonggg time. Jessica had been a working actress for awhile before I found out about her. I remember seeing her in "Never Been Kissed" and "Idle Hands" and thinking "Damn, she's fine." However, it was her role as Max in "Dark Angel" that opened my eyes to this Mexican/French Danish beauty. She has gone on to star in many other movies but my favorites have to be "Honey", "Into the Blue" and "Sin City". Jessica was supposed to strip for her part in Sin City, but refused. Damn!

Moon Bloodgood - This super sexy Korean/Irish-Dutch blend is a relative newcomer but has made a huge splash upon the scene. You may have seen Moon like I did in movies such as "Eight Below" and "Pathfinder" or "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li". However, Moon really came across to audiences worldwide in "Terminator: Salvation" and on the wildly popular TV show "Burn Notice". Moon is definitely a star on the rise."

Padma Lakshmi - You know they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If that is the case, no one knows how to get to it better than Padma. Being the host of "Top Chef", people can watch the Food Network and watch this heavenly Indian creature work around one of most people's most guilty pleasures, food. Or you may have caught Padma on a Pantene commercial or devouring a Hardee's Thickburger. Is your stomach and loins supposed to talk to you at the same time? Anyway, watch for Padma in the near future with a possible sitcom around food on NBC.

Adrianna Lima - When you think of Brazil, you think of one of two things: The horror of the slums and ghettos as so vividly portrayed in movies like "City of God", or in the raw beauty of the country and its countryside and most importantly, the women. Oh Lord, the women. I don't think I have ever seen an ugly Brazilian woman. I mean I know that they have them, I just haven't seen them. Well Adrianna is definitely a prize possession for the country. Being one of the newer featured angels for Victoria's Secret is assuredly a plus on any man's list of accomplishments. What can I say about Adrianna? Nothing that her pictures don't already tell you.

Dania Ramirez - I first saw Dania in a crappy movie, "Fat Albert". I thought she was fine, but didn't think we would hear anything more from this Dominican knockout. However, I then saw her as Callisto, one of the Morlocks - the bad guys, in "X-Men: The Last Stand". She has been in "Illegal Tender" and "Heroes Season 3". However, my favorite portrayal was in one of the movies she didn't have a large part in which was "She Hate Me". WOW!!! If you have seen this movie, then you know what I'm talking about!! Anthony Mackie was real lucky in this movie, but I feel lucky every time I catch Dania come across the screen.

Nicole Scherzinger - You know I got Love for Da Ville and everything from the state of KY, but this one is special. Born in Hawaii but Louisville, KY raised, the Half Hawaiian, Russian-Filipino Nicole was a standout entertainer at YPAS (Youth Performing Arts School), Louisville's version of the FAME school. I first caught a glimpse of Nicole on the TV show "Popstars". She won the show and was selected as lead singer for the group from the show, Eden's Crush. After fame in Europe, but none stateside the group separated. Nicole did some acting but ended up as the lead in the resurgence of the Pussycat Dolls. She plans to continue acting even though she keeps releasing hit records with the Pussycat Dolls. I look forward to every sexy performance by Nicole.

Somaya Reece - Another one of those internet superstars, I can fully understand why she is a star! This gorgeous Salvadorean singer/actress/model (the deadly triple threat-what women ain't these things these days) has taken her #1 Latina on Myspace stardom and parlayed talent and looks into a bonafide career. I ain't mad at her. Even though she might want to fire her agent if they can't get her better roles than 'harlot' or 'video ho #2' in shows and movies like "The Scorpion King" and "Entourage", respectively. She has around 24 million views to her page and almost a million friends. I'll remain her friend as long as she keeps putting up hot pictures like these.

20. Jessica a.k.a. Miss Rabbit -
What can I say about Miss Rabbit? This gorgeous green eyed redbone burst onto the scene from Houston Texas in a Paul Wall video and has been setting the urban video and magazine market ablaze. At 5'4" with measurements of 36-26-40, she is a super sexual dynamo packed in a compact frame. Damn it's compact! Anyway, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves so that you too, can now become a fan!

Kim Kardashian - You've seen her. The new J-Lo stand in. The (white) girl with the humongous booty (She's actually Armenian). Should we care? Yes. This girl is fine...and her booty is big as hell. How did we come to know her? She's famous because her daddy was one of OJ's lawyers. She is a gal pal of people like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Quite honestly, I just like looking at her. She has an amazing body, looks good as hell and she's rich.

Rihanna - The current princess of R&B/ hip-hop soul has gone from nobody to somebody in a short amount of time. Aligning yourself with Jay-Z sure doesn't hurt though. Releasing several #1 hits over 3 albums in 4 years, Rihanna is now a certified International Superstar. Add some drama with past boyfriend Chris Brown and you've got a legendary story. Rihanna has gone from cute pop princess to sex kitten in no time. This Barbados beauty still captivates audiences every time she is seen and those hazel green eyes and new sexy wardrobe (big forehead aside) catches my attention as well.

Keri Hilson - I have been crazy about Keri Hilson since the first time I saw her in Timbaland's video "The Way I Are". Since then, it has been nothing but hotness from the increased visibility of Ms. Hilson. She has been in the industry for a long time writing some of the biggest hits for alot of people on the radio. Tired of playing the background, she decided to become a lead singer herself. Good decision. Now the hottest R & B chanteuse on the scene, Keri is definitely making a name for herself. Is she sexy? Hell yeah. Those green eyes. That physique. Whoooooo! Don't believe me? Go to YouTube and check out the videos for 'Energy', 'Turnin Me On' and 'Knocks You Down'. You'll see what I mean.

Melyssa Ford - The original "Jessica Rabbit" of the urban modeling scene, Jessica has been around for quite some time. She set the industry on fire with her beauty...and booty. She has appeared in videos for artists such as Usher, R. Kelly and Jay-Z ('Yeah', 'Happy People' and 'Big Pimpin' respectively) Shying away from the video scene because she found it to be degrading to women, she has since appeared in several movies, most notably, "Three Can Play That Game" and "My Bloody Valentine:3D". This Canadian beauty of Barbados and Russian/Norwegian descent will definitely remain a heavy hitter in the industry.

Meagan Good - I remember Meagan from "Eve's Bayou". She was 16 at the time (played a younger part) and I thought she was cute but disturbed. But then parts in movies like "3 Strikes" and "House Part 4" reminded about this beauty. However, it was her parts in movies like "Biker Boyz", "Waist Deep" and "Stomp the Yard" that had me sold on the all-out sexiness of Mz. Good. I can't wait to see what she shows up in next.

Ms. Williams - Ms. Jenae Williams is another myspace superstar with a budding musical career. Rapper, Singer, Musician, J-Star is a triple threat. And even though she definitely has the looks, she is not interested in being a model or acting. Music is where her heart is. Jenae's MySpace page has several of her mixtapes up and she has already done a hit single with R. Kelly. Ms. Williams is highly talented and will make a splash on the music scene nationwide soon enough. Until then, I'll just keep staring at her pictures. Damn!

Azzareya - Azzareya Curtis had me hooked the first time I saw her. When she was sitting on the hood of Fat Joe's Bentley in the 'Lean Back' video, I knew I was a fan. The creator is surely an architect, because when he put together this Egyptian/Brazilian mix, he knew he would have to break the mold. Lighting urban video and magazines up was no hard task for this voluptuous hybrid. I'll say no more. I'll let her pictures do the talking.

K.D. Aubert - Ahhh, the beautiful Karen Denise Aubert. Tell me you didn't feel a certain kind of Holiday Joy when you saw K.D. in "Friday After Next". You had to have fallen for K.D. for her role in "Soul Plane". K.D. is 5 feet 10 inches of fine ass female. Those sultry pouty lips and hazel green eyes seem to hypnotize. K.D. is quickly becoming one of the top leading young black actresses in Hollywood, as was evidenced by her lead role as April-May in "Surfer, Dude" starring Matthew McConaughey. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Salma Hayek - Salma Hayek has been around for a while, but I know you got a thing for this Latina bombshell like I do. Whether it was in "Desperado" or its sequel or "From Dusk Till Dawn" or "Dogma" or "After the Sunset", the movies are countless where Salma looked incredible. Salma is truly a force of nature at 43 years old and I am captivated every time she hits the screen.

LisaRaye - You know it. I know it. You seen it. I seen it. When? 1998. "Player's Club". The part she played as Diamond, whooo...... I was all-in. From that role to "The Wood" to her role in the Will Smith produced TV show "All of Us". LisaRaye holds a special place in my heart (She is a Kappa Sweetheart-Yo, Yoooo!!!). Lisa was super nice (met her when we TOOK OVER her party in Charlotte, NC at the 2003 Kappa Alpha Psi National Konclave convention) and fine as hell to boot. I can't believe she's almost 43. I still anticipate anything that LisaRaye does and I know you do if it is for no other reason than to look at her.

Angelina Jolie - Angelina the enigma. Of Slovak and American descent on her father's side and French-Canadian/Iroquois Native American on her mother's side, this particular mix may be what makes so many people rank Angelina at the top of the sexiest woman alive charts for years. I thought Angelina was hot in the first movie I saw her in "Hackers", but she had no ass. None at all. Then in the HBO movie, "Gia", where Angelina bares it ALL and even engages in some girl on girl action (damn good movie), I was feeling Angie. Then she raised her profile with blockbuster movies like the "Lara Croft" franchise, "Gone In Sixty Seconds", "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" or "Wanted". Angelina is a bonafide international superstar and is definitely one sexy lady we all will keep tabs on.

Esther Baxter - Ms. Freak-A-Leak. The Goddess in the blue dress. With the heavenly proportions of 34DDD-24-40 (all wow....), Ms. Baxter has become one of the most sought out and super hot models working in urban print and videos this decade. Can't say that I blame them? Wouldn't you be looking for her? If I had a song coming out, this would be my first pick for female lead! Esther actually broke my heart and quit modeling for a while to return to college (congrats for her). She has made a triumphant return however, but is trying to focus more on movies this time around. I don't care what she focuses on, I'm focused on her.

Angel Lola Luv - On the urban music scene there is always some hot young model ready to come along and be the "it" girl. Here is the "it" girl for right now. Former "it" girls have been Glory Velez, #16 Melissa Ford and #8 Esther Baxter. Not bad company to keep. Fershgenet Melaku (her real name) is of Ethiopian descent and recently some of the finest women I have EVER seen are of Ethiopian descent. Angel has been at the center of plenty of controversy over the past two years as there have been rumors that her 34C-22-40 frame has been surgically altered. Either bigger now or to those proportions. I don't know about you...but I don't care. I just want to see more of her. Lots more.

Megan Fox - It's funny. I just talked about how #7 Angel Lola Luv is the "it" girl in urban music videos. Well, Megan Fox is the "it" girl in Hollywood. Besides the deplorable acting, Megan is SUPER hot and a feast for any man and some women's eyeballs to gaze upon. Her star shot to the top of Hollywood with parts in the two "Transformers" movies. As long as she stays scantily clad and maybe takes an acting class or two so I can stomach listening to her talk, she will stay toward the top of my list and probably many other people's lists too.

Beyonce - The one. The only. B. From super hottie leading a hot foursome girl group in Destiny's Child to international superstar and A-list Hollywood actress. Built like a brick shithouse (old expression..don't know why that is an expression for a great build, but??...), Beyonce has appeared in several Hollywood hits including "Austin Powers: Goldmember", "Dreamgirls" and "The Pink Panther". Until recently, every part that she played involved her being a singer of some sort, that is until her part in the movie "Obsessed". Regardless of what part she plays, Beyonce is still a force in the industry and I like pretty much whatever she does.

Alicia Keys - Alicia does it for me. Flat out does it for me. She is my original "Leave your family" chick. My sunshine chick. Equally as beautiful as she is talented, Alicia Keys made an impact with her first single and became R&B royalty almost immediately. How you mix an African father and Irish-Italian mother together to get this mix of woman, I don't know, but God bless 'em. Alicia has been quiet as of late on the music front and has appeared in several movies including "Smoking Aces", "The Nanny Diaries" and "The Secret Life of Bees". Alicia can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned and I'll be here to support her however she needs me. Screw you, don't judge me!! LoL!!!

Aishwarya Rai - In many circles, this one here is the one. Considered by many to be the MOST beautiful woman in the world. Hard to deny that. I mean look at her. Damn! You know the expression "She 's so fine, I'll drink her bath water"? I don't know about that nasty shit, but this woman will make you contemplate a few sips. This green-blue eyed beauty burst onto the scene in 1994 by being the runner-up in the Miss India pageant but then going on to win the Miss World pagaent with intelligence, poise and unrivaled beauty. Ash is considered the Queen of Bollywood and has finally cracked the wall of American stardom by starring in more and more Hollywood movies, most notably "The Pink Panther 2" as the femme fatale replacing #5 Beyonce from the first movie.

Halle Berry - What can be said about Halle that hasn't already been said? One of the world's most beautiful women for at LEAST the last decade, maybe the last 15 years plus. Where to begin? What movies did she do that made an impact on me? Playing a crackhead in "Jungle Fever". Super sexy in "Boomerang" or "Strictly Business" or "Race The Sun" or "The Last Boy Scout" or "The Program" or "Catwoman". How about Hollywood blockbusters like the "X-Men" trilogy or James Bond's "Die Another Day". However, I loved and hated two parts she played for the same reason. In "Swordfish", she released the puppies! NICE! Well worth a crappy movie. In "Monster's Ball" she had the hottest and most disgusting at the same timelove scene with Billy Bob Thornton that was only a few thrusts short of a porno. But she won the Oscar for Best Actress. Hooray for black folks. Regardless, Halle has been the object of my desire and countless other people across the world and even at 43 years old, I don't think that will stop anytime soon.

Stacy Dash - There was a beginning and this is the end. I fell HARD for Stacey when I saw her in the Richard Pryor movie "Moving" in 1988. I just knew I found my future wife. This thought was further solidified when I saw Stacey in "Mo' Money". This green-eyed heavenly being kept me enthralled from the time she came across the screen. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't even matter what the movie was about, I would watch damn near anything to see Stacey. That's probably why I've seen "Renaissance Man" or "Getting Played" or "Gang of Roses". Let me save my favorite for last. Most people probably know Stacey for her now classic portrayal of Dionne in "Clueless". The vapid, yet stunning Dionne was one of the few characters who were carried over from the movie to the TV show and portrayed by the same actor or actress. However, my favorite portrayal was Stacey in "Illegal in Blue". Maybe not favorite, because Mo Money was my favorite of her, but in this movie, Stacey has a hot nude love scene that had a young man like myself drooling. Classic scene, shitttttty movie. At 43 years old (Shut up....That can't be Ole of Olay, cause she is killing most of her counterparts that are only in their 20's), Stacey is still one of the hottest women ANYWHERE as evidence maybe 3 years ago when she appeared in Playboy. If you haven't seen it, believe me when I say the clouds parted and sunshine from Heaven shined upon it. It was GOOD. Here's to my number one...Stacey Dash.

.....Well that does it, Check back TOMORROW...for something else entertaining.....

Well until next time....

R. Steed (Big Goldie)
"Fluffy Puffy - The Media Mogul in Training"

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